Legend Series Artists – PETER RIVERA
by Laura Jones

We had the honor of hosting legend Peter Rivera, the original lead singer and drummer of Rare Earth, in June of 2018.  What an awesome show!  Besides hearing all of our favorites: “Get Ready”, “I Just Want to Celebrate”, and “Hey Big Brother”, Peter and his band put on one of the most intimate shows I’ve ever experienced.  Peter bantered with the audience, told stories about his growing up and how he got his start at drumming.
He was already performing at the age of 5, playing spoons with his Dad.  At the age of 9, Peter had his first official drum lessons until his family could no longer afford them.  After working 2 paper routes, he was able to buy his own “gold sparkled drums”.  That moment started his long and successful career behind the drums. While playing at Saloon Studios, Peter had his gold sparkled drums front and center, not in the back like most bands.  What a drummer, moving back and forth from the drums to the congas!

Originally, Peter’s band was named The Sultans, but changed to Rare Earth in 1969 and subsequently signed with Motown.  They were one of the first acts signed by Motown that was an all-white band.

Peter and his band started their day with lunch and then a soundcheck.  Our Executive Assistant was on hand to make sure they had everything they needed for the green room, backstage, and at their mountain cabin.  She made such an impression on Peter, he dedicated a song to her during the show!  Peter’s laid-back style and personality come through during his performances. We encourage you to check out his website, https://www.peterrivera.com/home as well as his Facebook page. These days, he is always live-streaming a little something from his home studio and it’s always great to hear.

Watch “Hey Big Brother” from Peter’s show at Saloon Studios Live: https://youtu.be/vR2VegtEip4