We offer everything you need to produce your music or rehearse for your next album or tour!

Live Stage

Our main stage serves as our Studio A. The room is spacious and sounds beautiful with a stage area for groups to live track their performances.

Our A&H GLD 80 serves as a front of house console for live performances and a monitor mixing desk for studio recording sessions. The Allen and Heath ME-1 personal mixers allow artists to dial in their mix themselves or an engineer can use our Audio Technica in-ear system to get the mix just right for you.

State-of-the-Art Studio Equipment

We’ve partnered with the best in the industry to bring you the latest state-of-the-art audio and video equipment.

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Our backline utilizes the best musical instrument variety you would expect on a live stage.  From Fender, Gibson, Lakeland and Martin Guitars and Basses with associated Ampeg, Fender, Marshall and Mesa Boogie Amps to the Nord, Kurzwell, and Hammond Keyboards, plus a MiniMoog and Moog Digital Theremin!

Looper Station

If you’re trying to record and try different arrangements without a complete band, there is a very intuitive looper pedal at each musician’s stage position that are all linked back to the Hand Sonic/Beat Buddy station as the master. So one musician can move around the stage recording loops or song parts quickly before tracking to Pro Tools or performing.


Our DW (Drum Workshop) Performance Series 6 piece drum kit is enhanced with Zildjian A Custom cymbals and percussion table (with Cajon, Djembe, Congas, Beat-Buddy drum machine pedal and a Roland Hand Sonic digital hand drum/sequencer) to give your drummer the latest and greatest beats available, in studio and on stage.

Performance Ready

With front of house control, in-ear or stage monitors, personal A+H headphones, monitors and in-ear mixers, and our professional lighting and sound system, we offer the complete experience for live and recorded performances.

Audio Recording

Our control room features Pro Tools 12 HDX Core Software that records via Dante connection to A Studio. If you’re looking for a smaller space for overdubs or some preamps that vary from the GLD 80, our control room acts as our Studio B and features preamps from Rupert Neve Designs and Audient. 

Control of Pro Tools is handled by an Avid Dock and S3 control surface.  Processing comes in the form of all industry standard plug-ins– over 100 including the complete Waves, McDSP, iZotope packages as well as many more.

A pair of Focal SM9 near-fields and a Focal Sub6 11” subwoofer, all controlled by the Dangerous Music Monitor ST, are your monitors. Pairs of JBL LSR305s and Yamaha HS5’s provide additional reference monitoring.

With a wide variety of mics, including Shure, Neuman and Sennheiser Mics powered by Neve, Audient and Allen & Heath Preamps, we are sure to meet your needs.

Video Recording & Production

We have four Panasonic PTZ and manned cameras.  The PTZ cameras are controlled by a Panasonic camera control console that can live at FOH or in Studio B at the video production desk. Video switching is handled via Black Magic hardware for video production and Crestron for the house AV options Create exciting live productions with a variety of multimedia and video sources such as cameras, disk recorders, slide shows, or computer animation from our FOH iMac running Propresenter.  Get the visual mood just right with our Digital Projection Highlite II Blue Laser projector and 161” motorized screen on stage.

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