The Saloon for Those Souls Thirsty for an Experience of a Lifetime.

Take the unwinding road around the mountainside, where you’ll feel like you’ve entered another place and time as the 19th-century Western town appears out of the breathtaking Blue Ridge mountain range, created millions of years ago.

A passion for the Old West, Western movies and live music—especially classic rock—inspired this 19th-century Western town replica, complete with a sheriff’s office, post office, bathhouse, blacksmith shop, stables, dress shop, cantina, general store and, yep, even an undertaker. At the heart of this 20-acre town, enter the Saloon.

Not just any saloon, an 1860s-style saloon with authentic Western artifacts (even the barstools are saddles).

With its Western ambiance, state-of-the-art technology and comfortable seating at period-style round poker tables (limited to 125 persons), this Saloon provides an exclusive hangout with the artists and for the musical experience of a lifetime. 

Adjacent to the Old West Town, a wave in the hillside creates a natural amphitheater where relaxed and rejuvenated musical artists from many different genres are inspired to play their best for guests taking in the stars, up close and personal and billions of miles away.

Saloon Studios Live Events

Saloon Studios Live hosts several events throughout the year, from 19th-century-themed events with cattle rustlers, jailbreaks, Civil War presentations, gunfights, weaving and blacksmith demonstrations to musical festivals, classic rock legend concerts and band competitions in an array of music genres such as rock, jazz, country, bluegrass and Americana.

Record Your Album, Host Your Next Event, Shoot a Movie Scene

Saloon Studios Live offers its state-of-the-art equipment and indoor and outdoor stages for live and private recordings and productions. Take the keys to Old West Town, the Saloon, outdoor stage and 20 acres of grounds for your private/corporate events or filming/recording location. Check out our Bookings page for details.

Well now, partner, it’s about time to put on your boots and jeans, saddle up and ride into town for an experience of a lifetime. And gentlemen, don’t forget to tip your Stetson to the ladies.