Finalizing Your Studio Experience
By Shannon MacDonald



Now that we have shared the importance of preproduction, recording, digital and analog format, and perhaps your first music deal…. we, at Saloon Studios Live and Saloon Studios Live Productions, are confident we can help take it a bit further. We have the technology, equipment, staff, and ambiance to put you in the driver’s seat of your next recording or video project.

First, we are in the middle of the “most beautiful place on earth”… or so we have been told many times by our visitors. Music writing sometimes needs an extra push – just as recording can be jolted into another plateau by the surrounding that holds you. Like Led Zeppelin at Headley Grange, Greg Allman at Muscle Shoals, or ZZ-Top at Ardent Studios – those band members declared these places as “special” because of atmosphere… which all led to music breakthroughs.

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Next, we have an engineer that has the experience of many engineers “and then some”. John Littlewood has been “around the block”, as they say, and we are proud to have him behind the musical atmosphere and in the pilot seat of our recording and video studio. He is an electronic-wiz and an amazing instrument tech. Temperament is of great importance when dealing with your engineer. John has been known for his guidance and patience, as well. The bonus with John… he’s a musical prerequisite with a background of “on the road” and “in the studio” playing. The list of musical abilities and styles this man carries is a gold star on the wall of your packaging. He understands how many styles should color the music and has “the ear” for instrument location and geographical substance inside “the mix”. These things stack up in your favor when setting out to get the “best out of you”. John and our recording and video environment will set you on the road to places you have dreamed of.


In closing, we wish you great success on your venture. Remember, we are here when you are ready to make a difference in setting yourself apart from the competition.

Watch for us, next time, when we discuss the importance of BMI, ASCAP or SESAC.