Tumbleweed at the Not-So-O.K. Corral
by Shannon MacDonald

As March’s National Emergency News gathered its moss on a downhill spiral to a 2020 Lockdown, we all pondered deeply at the thought of every musician, road crew, scheduled event, and venue’s future. As hazy as that outlook has been, there still seems to be no real clarity on where the “good ship quarantine” is heading.

Meanwhile, as concert promoters scurry to fill the bill, we have seen massive amounts of re-boot concepts at Drive-in Movie Theaters, Parking Lots, and of course…Live Streaming. We have also seen testing on inflatable bubbles, quarantine squares, and old truck tires (which you put yourself into as if you are at the beach floating in an inner-tube used for buoyancy). None have proven to be a sure-shot for positive income on any level.

Last year, at Saloon Studios, we saw over 60-bands, in a 2-weekend spree, perform on our new outdoor stage… A stage specifically built for the Woodstock Reunion and our highly anticipated 2020 Season. Like every other venue in the world, we were “forced to the back burner,” canceling ALL concerts and events, refunding ticket money, and scurrying to the drawing board for new ideas. We, at Saloon Studios Live, are now a multi-million dollar ghost town striving to pick up the pieces and stop the bloodletting that could turn a massively beautiful complex into Death Valley… Or are we?

What can one do? We stay positive! Looking toward the future…Life, as we knew it, will never be the same. Our Team is constantly striving to stay ahead of the “new game” with fresh ideas, social media rejuvenation, and one old adage: “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks”. You can’t sit around waiting to see what is coming around the bend – you must reinvent yourself and keep ahead of the pack. That is just common sense, good business, and survival instinct. So, as we push the envelope of the future to “brighter days ahead”, we stay the course. Until then, we here at Saloon Studios Live are prepared to give the Covid Epidemic a good old-fashioned blazing gunfight… and we aim to win! One thing we all know for sure: We are more than a concert venue. Our complex, out of the gate, has the capacity to handle video background for bands, commercial adverts, visual entertainment, and of course our biggest asset… we ARE a genuine and authentic 1800s country and western movie set complete with a saloon (and stage), jail, bank, general store, cantina, and a surreal mountain background today’s green-screen could never reproduce. We have the room, the props, and the theatrical visuals to suit any high-level full-length 8mm movie. So hear us loud and clear Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Universal, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, and Tom Hanks… We are alive, well, and here waiting for you!



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