What Our Fans Are Saying

“The hills of Ashe County were definitely alive with the sound of Celtic music on August 7. Eric Rigler and friends performed a variety of music, ranging from Irish jigs to film scores and of course one of my favorites, Danny Boy. Great show from a talented artist in a terrific venue.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, from walking around the old west town to sitting down in saloon and seeing the original artists playing the famous music up close. It felt like a private show for my family and friends, and with a chance to meet the artists. When it comes to live music, It doesn’t get much better than this!”

“From the moment we pulled in and were greeted by a gentleman in full Scottish regalia I knew it was not going to be an ordinary experience. We were picked up in the parking lot by luxury ATVs and driven to the entrance of the town. There was an immediate peace and relaxation as my mind slipped back to another time. After mingling and a few delicious snacks we toured the 19th-century sheriff’s office, blacksmith shop, post office, bathhouse, and dress shop in the old west town. Then we entered the saloon where the 21st and 19th centuries collided to witness a very moving performance by world-renown artists playing pieces from award-winning films to centuries-old favorites, literally 20 feet away.  We had the opportunity to meet the artists, but I had to head back to Asheville.”