Our Story

“Are you boys going to pull those pistols, or are you going to whistle Dixie?” (Clint Eastwood- “The Outlaw Josey Wales”).

It all began back in the 1970s when Mike Jones watched westerns with his dad. Gunsmoke, John Wayne, The Outlaw Josey Wales and Rooster Cogburn, just a few of the favorites.

In addition to his addiction to everything western, Mike has had an affinity for music since a young age, especially rock n’ roll music. And as much as Mike loved rock n roll concerts, he didn’t always love the crowds of people that went along with experiencing it.

This passion of the old west, westerns and live music, especially rock and roll, inspired Mike to build his very own 19th century western town replica, complete with sheriff’s office, undertaker, post office, bathhouse, blacksmith shop, stables, dress shop, cantina and general store… and at the heart of this 20 acre town is what else but the Saloon.

But this is not just any saloon. This is an “1860s” saloon complete with black jack tables, a vintage pool table, roulette wheel, and authentic western artifacts; even the bar stools are saddles. But most importantly this saloon doubles as a live recording studio with state-of-the-art recording equipment, technology and sound engineering, staging “rising stars”, music legends, and rockin roll hall of famers such as Dave Mason and Steve Cropper to name a few… and we are just getting started. As it was once said at the birth of a previous entertainment revolution, some of you all might recall, “you ain’t heard nothing yet.”